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St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bottle

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How fun is St. Patrick’s Day? Seriously, it is a Holiday with no expectations aside from celebrating. I love it.

Tomorrow I am taking the big kids to a St. Patrick’s Day party at our local skating rink. There are prizes, games, music, and skating (of course) so it should be a ton of fun.

The toddlers can’t celebrate with us at the skating rink so we made a sensory bottle to have a little St. Patrick’s Day fun. It was the easiest sensory bottle and it is so cool after it is finished. The best part? I bought ALL of the material at the dollar store. Can’t get much better than that!


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Here is a picture of the material. I used an empty Dasani water bottle. The gold glitter glue came in a back of three at Dollar Tree, and the green glitter came from Target (I know, I said all dollar store material but it was still only $1!!) and came in such a cute little glass bottle. Then to make it more “St. Patrick’s Day” themed, I added in some random coins.

So to make this bottle, I started with warm water. The warm water helps the glue mix up better in the bottle. After the warm water is in the bottle, the glitter glue is added next. For this size bottle, I used one whole glitter glue. I let the kids put the glitter glue in the bottle, of course, and they loved the way it looked going in. I put the lid back on it and let them take turns shaking it up. Once that was mixed in nicely, we added the green glitter. I used a funnel to prevent a giant mess and we only used half the jar of green glitter. I would have probably used less but the kids dumped it in too quickly. Once it was all done, we added in the random coins. You can’t see the coins when you are just looking at the bottle, they are a nice hidden surprise when you are actually sitting and playing with the bottle and looking inside. That is the kids’ favorite part… finding the coins mixed among all the glitter!

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What are you guys doing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? I would love to hear all about it!

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