Life Lately

Peyton and my nephew worked in Peyton’s garden.

While JoJo pushed her “bus”.
Mama caved and let Josie have her “baba” (don’t judge me!! LOL! She wasn’t feeling well!).
We played at the park.
We went to a pallet party on Nevaeh’s birthday. I made a pallet for our bathroom!
Nevaeh has been practicing some new hair styles

Liam is rolling over! We finally beat cradle cap, too, which is so exciting for me.

Josie can now say “ketchup” and “bless you”. 

Oh, and Josie has yet another rash that we can’t figure out… she has the most sensitive skin (ugh!). 

Chris and I are DJing a wedding this weekend. It’s going to be so much fun. 

Nevaeh is leaving for camp on Monday and I’m not looking forward to it (she is, though). 

I think that’s it in our life Lately. It’s been a pretty uneventful summer so far. Nice and relaxing. 🙂


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