Just 3 More Days… 

We dropped Nevaeh off at camp yesterday morning. After we got her registered and parted ways, Josie didn’t seem bothered. When we got to the car, however, she started asking, “where Yaeh?”. I told her that Vaeh was at camp and we were leaving her there until Friday. Well, Josie had a melt down. She screamed almost the whole way home until she finally fell asleep. It broke my heart. 

I’m missing Vaeh, myself. Waiting for Friday. LOL! She’s gone away before, so it’s not like this is the first time. She goes out of town to stay with her aunt sometimes and she goes to her grandma’s house for a week at a time in the summer. I can always at least get ahold of her! It is so weird not being able to at least text her and see what she’s up to. 

I can’t wait to pick her up on Friday! Only three more days!! 


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