Footprint Dinosaur

The other night as I was tucking Sylas in at bedtime, he asked if we could use paint to make dinosaurs the next day. Of course I said yes!! 

The next day at art time, I used green acrylic paint to paint the bottom of their feet (one at a time, of course). First I had Josie sit on the counter, painted her foot, and had her step down onto the paper that was sitting on our barstool height chairs. I wiped her foot (mostly) clean, put her at the counter with a blank piece of paper and washable paint, and let her create her own artwork while I moved onto Sylas’ footprint and then Liam’s. Even Peyton made one but we wouldn’t let me help him LOL. 

Super easy, super cute, and they loved them. 

This tiny one is Liam’s. ❤


5 thoughts on “Footprint Dinosaur

  1. Ah! I love that idea! We just finished up D week and it would have been perfect! I don’t think Aadie would object to making them tomorrow even if we have “moved on” to letter E! So cute!

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