Toddler Hair

Josie hates when I do her hair. Before the brush or comb even touches her hair she’s telling me, “mama you hurt me”. *Insert eye roll from mama*. She doesn’t like to sit still, she doesn’t like to have her hair combed, and she hates having the hair elastics put in. Sometimes, however, I can get her to kind of sit still long enough to attempt a cute hair style. They’re never perfect but we’re getting better at this.

Here is our attempt at a cute, unique hair style. I tried my best between her squirming and turning around. It did the trick… kept her hair out of her face. We will try this one again for sure!!!


Do any of you mamas have hair styles you attempted on your little girls that just didn’t quite turn out as planned? I’d love to see them!! I want to see the successful attempts, too!! 🙂


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