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Trunk or Treat with Papa

Chris and I really wanted to have some Halloween fun with the kids this past weekend but we had to DJ a wedding on Saturday and I had to work on Sunday. I was so bummed that we couldn’t do anything with them so my dad offered to take them to a trunk or treat.

They were so excited to wear their costumes!! Josie wasn’t very fond of her hat but loved her scarecrow costume (my sister and I made it!). Sylas was stoked to dress up as Cat Boy (his head was a tad too big for his hat too.. I make big headed babies LOL), and Peyton was more than ready to dress up as something scary.

Liam stayed home to cuddle with grandma while Papa took the rest with him. They got a bunch of candy and had so much fun!

Chris and I had some kid-free fun ourselves, and had a blast DJing the wedding.

What did you all do over the weekend?


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