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Fall Leaf Wreath

Fall in Michigan is gorgeous. Nothing beats the sight of the leaves changing colors. I love the colors but my kids love fall for a different reason.

We can jump in the leaves, play in them, throw them, make crafts with them. There are so many options.

I’ve always loved fall. Everything about it from the colors to the slight chill in the air.

As an adult, things have gotten a little different.

We have seven maple trees surrounding our house. It’s so pretty this time of year!! Our yard is always full of leaves. This sounds like it could be great, right? From an adult perspective, not so much. How many times am I going to have to rake? -_-

I do still love it, though.

On a more positive note. All those leaves? We have a never ending supply for fall crafts. Sylas and Josie love to search for the pretty ones that we can use for crafts.

Who am I kidding? Sylas loves to search. Josie just picks them up by the handful, fills her bucket, and runs around playing in the ones still on the ground until Sylas finishes up.

My friend Nikki did a leaf craft with them at her house while I was at work last week. Sylas informed me that Nikki taught him to pick the ones without holes because they would be the prettiest. At 3 years old, he’s learning quickly how fall works around here.

Anyway. The other day after we gathered leaves for a craft, we came inside and dumped our buckets on the kitchen floor. (Seriously, we get a little messy with our crafts).

I grabbed 3 paper plates and cut the middle out of them. We each got a glue stick and sat down on the kitchen floor to make our wreaths. We simply glued the leaves to a paper plate!

I’m going to add a ribbon and hang it up for the season. I’m thinking I might also make a picture frame out of construction paper and sticks (Sylas gathered some of those, too) and put it in the center of the wreath with their picture in it.

If you’ve done any fall crafts, post them in the comments! I’d love to see them!

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