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DIY Snowmen Hand Print Ornaments


The kids and I made these ornaments for my dad this past week. Aren’t they adorable?! My dad wants his tree filled with ornaments created by his grandchildren, and I wanted to make sure the ones we gave him were perfect. I’d say we did pretty well!

I used lids of spaghetti and Alfredo sauce jars and painted them red with acrylic paint. I had to do several coats of red paint to cover up the words on the lids. Once the lids were completely covered and dried, I used white paint on the kids’ hands to make the snowmen. I painted their fingers (3 fingers for Sylas and Peyton, and 4 fingers for Josie and Liam), and the top of their palms to make a snowy hill under the snowmen. Peyton’s hands were way too big for this (he’s 10 years old), so I just had him do the top half of his fingers and then use a paint brush to create the snow at the bottom. Once the white paint dried, I added the scarves, hats, eyes, noses, and mouths. Peyton did his own but I did this part on the littles’ ornaments.

I love the finished product SO MUCH that I wanted to keep them for myself. I’d promised them to my dad, however, so we may just have to make some more for our own Christmas tree.

I’d love to see the Christmas crafts you all have done with your little’s this season!! Please share them in the comments!

snowman handprint ornament

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