Foil printed fall art

Chris took the boys with him to Peyton’s football practice tonight so Josie and I had a little one on one time. I literally never get alone time with JoJo so the minute the guys were out the door, Josie and I got started.

We painted first, which she was pretty excited about. She isn’t a HUGE fan of painting but she gets excited when she sees me get it out anyway.

We created fall artwork tonight, and used foil as our “brush”.

I gave Josie a small sheet of foil and told her to crumple it up. It was a fun sensory add in to our painting project, and she loved it. I let her crumple mine up, too.

I quickly painted the tree trunk before I let her paint. She’s a bit too little to paint her own trunk and I wanted her to sort of understand where to put her painted “leaves”.

Once the trunk was painted, I showed her how to create the leaves and let her go to town. She loved it and had so much fun with this one.

When we were done painting, we baked some cookies. I used my go-to cookie recipe that I’ve been using for years (I’ll share it another day. It’s perfect!). Josie really likes dumping the ingredients in the bowl and eating the chocolate chips when mama’s not looking.

The guys were excited that we surprised them with cookies, and Josie & I had a blast bonding. It was such a good night. ❤️❤️

I’d love to see some of your guys’ fall art creations! Share them in the comments!

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