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Valentines Day Pom Pom Painting


Valentines Day is so much fun. It’s one of those holidays that has no pressure (almost, I suppose). Simple gifts, showing love, and doing crafts is how we celebrate in our house. For the next two weeks, I have a Valentines craft planned almost every single day. What can I say, we LOVE crafts.

My little’s had so much fun with this one. I simply cut hearts out of white paper, wrote their names and the date on the back, and used clothes pins to hang onto the pom pom. I put pink, red, and purple washable paint out for them, and then I sat down with them to make my own. I find that making my own is a better way of showing them the idea behind an activity rather than just telling them the directions. At this age, they seem to be visual learners. My 3 year old (Sylas) started out dabbing the pom pom on the heard but ended up using it more like a paint brush.

When we were done painting, Sylas had a great idea to glue pom poms onto the hearts. We used purple, pink, and white pom poms for this part.

The finished project is SO CUTE. I cannot wait to hang them up in our art area!!

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